Media Services Expert Engineer

Department: IT
Project Location: Belgium


  • Expertise in Video Container as Base Media File Format, Transport Stream
  • Video delivery via UDP, RTP, RTSP, HTTP
  • Video transport over MPEG transport stream, HTTP Live Streaming, MPEG-DASH
  • Natural interest in Television & media content streaming technologies
  • Good understanding of Digital Rights Management
  • Interest and ability in experimenting new protocols
  • Experience in OTT video delivery with thorough understanding of CDN working.


  • Understanding of component such as Subscriber Management Systems, Content Management System, concept of Mediator and capability to understand Applications workflows;
  • Understanding of Storage Architecture and experience with different connectors: NFS, FTP.


  • Ability to understand and to develop basic script, knowledge of Bash, Python of similar Web tools;
  • Experience with LAMP;
  • Understanding with practical experience of datacentre environment including cloud computing foundations;
  • Virtualization, Containerization, Platform as a service like Openshift;
  • Knowledge of ICT standards/procedures/release management/technical activities.


  • High-Level network knowledge with experience in designing and ability to identify workflows. This covers:
    • IP Unicast & Multicast protocols;
    • Dynamic routing protocols as ISIS, BGP, OSPF;
    • Network routing & configuration;
    • Load balancing technologies (F5, Viprion);
    • Network configuration based on NxOS;
    • IP & TCP services including DNS, HTTP workflows;
    • Ability to document designs in Microsoft Visio is a plus.


  • Team player, collaboration comes naturally;
  • Solution oriented and out of the box thinking;
  • Well-respected and influential;
  • Able to effectively use the whiteboard;
  • Good at “helicoptering”;
  • English is a must, French or Dutch is optional;
  • Flexible and able to cope with stress;
  • Agile Product owner capability is a plus.

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