Radar Engineer

LOCATION: The Hague, The Netherlands

The IWC will support Branch SMEs in execution of the project portfolio, especially aimed at a number of projects with emphasis on requirements analysis, ca
pability development (both hardware and software) and other support tasks like site and factory acceptance tests etc.
The Branch portfolio comprises a number of projects concerning, e.g., radar, systems to counter small Unmanned Aerial Systems (C-sUAS), navigation warfare, hard- and software development of a Direction Finding capability. This list is not exhaustive, it merely presents examples demonstrating the breadth of the Branch portfolio.

Candidate needs to have practical and theoretical background in areas related to most if not all of the following areas: radio and/or radar, radio frequency (RF) technology, signal processing, jamming/spoofing and antenna design. Ideally, the candidates have a minimum of three years experience, where any PhD work counts towards their experience level.


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