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Global Technologies is a full-service information technology and telecommunications company specialized in designing, installing and operating critical technical infrastructures for companies and organizations that work in environments where service continuity is vital to operational success, such as defense, industry, telecoms and banking. read more

Business Line is the European provider of the full web software package Global e-line, dedicated to Customer Service and Support Services.

From aerospace, space and defence to security and transportation, Thales helps its customers create a safer world by giving them the tools they need to perform critical tasks.
To help create a safer world, Thales serves five key sectors: Aerospace, Space, Ground Transportation, Defence and Security. Thales solutions assist customers in obtaining the best outcomes in challenging environments.
Thales plays a key role in a world that is increasingly mobile, interconnected and interdependent.
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SIGNALIS is the result of a merger between two very well-known companies, SOFRELOG S.A.S. and ATLAS Maritime Security GmbH. SIGNALIS is part of the AIRBUS Defence and Space and ATLAS ELEKTRONIK. SIGNALIS provides Vessel Traffic Services (VTS) systems, Coastal Surveillance Systems (CSS) and Critical Infrastructure monitoring solutions. These will be used for harbour security, port management, maritime and land border surveillance systems as well as other related radar processing applications by integrating the latest sensor systems, communications and data processing technologies. SIGNALIS relies on the resources of 200 employees, specialized in maritime surveillance in France, Germany and around the world, as well as on its large customer base and the experience of over 250 systems installed worldwide. read more