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KranszWald Business Card

Let us introduce ourselves:

We are KranszWald, and our core business is to offer professional Romanian teams that build, maintain and operate networks and infrastructure projects.

We are always open to establish a partnership with your company and to offer you specialized personnel:

  • Highly educated and highly skilled professionals;
  • Individuals that are passionate about technology;
  • Professionals that already have a relevant experience in the Network and Infrastructure area and are familiar with the most modern technology;
  • People that are willing to work abroad, have a good level of English, and want to learn and to improve their knowledge.

We have a high level of expertise in gathering professionals from this geographical area and in providing work force to companies around the world, at the most competitive prices.

If you agree that our expertise recommends us, you can find out more information about our human resources: please contact us now or send us your contact data to schedule a phone conference!

We look forward to a successful working relationship in the future,


Basic ordering agreement NC3A/BOA/13167 between NATO C3 Agency and SC KRANSZWALD SRL