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About us

A Tradition of Excellence, A Future of Innovation

Established in the heart of Europe in 2007, KranszWald has grown from our vibrant Bucharest hub to a global force with a strategic presence in Clichy, Paris. We're not just a company; we are a collective of visionary experts driven by the ethos of precision, reliability, and innovation.

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International organisations

Crafting Tomorrow's Solutions, Today

Our journey is marked by groundbreaking projects for venerable clients like NATO and Thales, spanning from the strategic terrains of Afghanistan and Mali to the meticulous operations in Europe countries.

With KranszWald, every project is a step towards redefining industry standards — be it through technical support, shaping the future with JISR JAVA programming, or enhancing financial systems.

experience in complex geopolitical environments

Where Expertise Meets Impact

We believe in the power of synergy — our consultants are the keystone of complex operations, ensuring the intelligence systems we support are not just maintained but constantly evolving.

We don't just adapt to change; we anticipate it, crafting resilient strategies and training programs that set the benchmark for operational excellence.

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Meet The Team


Florin Toma

Florin Toma is the epitome of a seasoned professional whose extensive expertise in security management, business development, and international IT recruitment has positioned Kranszwald at the forefront of the industry. As the current Head of Office and NATO Security Officer at Kranszwald, Florin's role is multifaceted—overseeing operations, ensuring compliance with state legislation, and representing the company with unmatched diligence and integrity. His pivotal role in managing the security and protection of classified information underscores his commitment to operational excellence and trust.

With a remarkable tenure that highlights his adeptness in human resources management, particularly in the validation of IT profiles for NATO, Florin’s leadership is underpinned by a strategic vision that fosters growth and innovation. Beyond his responsibilities at Kranszwald, his background as a freelancer and various managerial roles showcases a versatile skill set, encompassing strategic procurement, sales management, and financial consulting, all of which have contributed to his comprehensive understanding of the business landscape.

Educated in Business Management in a European Context and holding a Bachelor's in Economy, Florin's academic credentials are as impressive as his professional achievements. His fluency in multiple languages, including advanced English and French, complements his global perspective, allowing for effective cross-cultural communication and collaboration.

Florin Toma's directorship at Kranszwald is not just about leading operations; it's about nurturing relationships with clients and consultants alike, ensuring that every interaction is imbued with Kranszwald's values of precision, reliability, and innovation. His commitment to excellence and his holistic approach to leadership makes him not just a director, but a visionary, steering Kranszwald towards new horizons with unwavering dedication and foresight.

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